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Enroll now for your best year

Arizona schools are calling on every Arizona family to get students enrolled and ready for the upcoming school year of in-person learning. Schools are open and excited to welcome back students and families for an important year of learning, new experiences, and fun.   

Hear that? It’s the school bell ringing

Enroll your child for in-person instruction now and start getting ready for an important year of learning and everything that comes along with being at school, from art classes and science experiments to football games and student council meetings.  


1960X500 How To Enroll

How to enroll

How to enroll 

Regardless of how your child learned last year, it’s time to enroll your child and start making plans for the upcoming school year. Arizona schools are open and excited to welcome back students and families, and the Arizona Department of Education is here to help parents find their school and navigate the enrollment process.

Need help enrolling?  

Click here to find contact information for your school or call 602.542.7378 and select "Option 2" for enrollment guidance with support available in English and Spanish and talk to someone who can help you enroll your child.

1960X500 Benefits Of In Person

The benefits of in-person instruction

In-person instruction isn’t just the best way for most students to learn, it offers the experiences and fun that help students grow and thrive. Consider some of the experiences your child will benefit from by enrolling for school in person this upcoming school year. 

  • Socialization: Help your child develop the social-emotional skills that are critical for their personal growth and wellbeing. 
  • Hands-on learning: Being at school in person offers students the opportunity to learn beyond a computer screen and experience everything from art class creations and chemistry class concoctions to public speaking and presentation skills. 
  • Student services: Make sure your child has access to the full team of education professionals they deserve that can support a child’s full spectrum of needs, from disability services to speech therapy and counseling. 
  • Physical activity: When kids are at school in person, physical activity is part of their experience, an important part of every child’s overall health and wellbeing. 
  • Extracurricular activities: Getting involved in clubs, sports and other student groups takes a student’s learning beyond the school day, helping them discover new passions and talents. 
  • Empowered parents and guardians: In-person learning isn’t only beneficial for your child, it offers parents more opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed alongside your child. For you, that may mean going back to work or being more focused on your own education. 
1960X500 Help Your Child Prepare

Help your child prepare

Preparing your child and family for in-person this school year can make a big difference for their success and yours. Here are some ways you can start getting ready now to make sure your family is ready for school:

  • Check in with your child: Have a conversation with your child about the new school year and gauge how they’re feeling about being at school in person. Remote learning impacted every child differently, so knowing if your child is feeling stressed or anxious about school can help make sure they get the support they need to work through those feelings and build confidence about going back to school. If your child has expressed anxiety about being at school, talk to your school staff about options that can help. Need help now? Click here or dial 2-1-1 to be connected with a counseling provider. 
  • Supplemental learning: Set your child up for academic success this school year with supplemental learning activities. Click here to find online and in-person learning tools resources. 
  • School routine: Setting a daily routine for the new school year is important for your child’s success and yours as a parent. Make your plan now for everything from transportation needs to after-school programs so your family is ready for school. Click here for advice on setting your family’s routine. 
  • Extracurricular activities: Your child may have disengaged from sports and clubs during the pandemic, but those experiences are an important part of school. Talk to your child about the activities they want to pursue this year and help them get excited to jump back in. Click here to learn about the value of extracurricular activities for your child.  
1960X500 Faqs


According to the Centers for Disease Control, evidence suggests that many K-12 schools that have strictly implemented prevention strategies have been able to safely open for in-person instruction and remain open. For more information on the safety of in-person learning visit:

Check with your school to learn more about the safety protocols they will implement in the upcoming school year.

Schools may offer a variety of instructional models in the new school year – however, the most common type of instruction will be traditional in-person learning. Check with your school to see what options are available.

Children between the ages of 6-16 are required to enroll and regularly attend school unless they have been withdrawn for home schooling and filed an affidavit with their County Superintendent’s office. Learn more about the home-schooling process here:

Many Arizona schools offer an Approved Online Instructional models.

To find school districts that offer online instruction visit:

To find a charter school offering online instructional visit:

Learn more about home schooling in Arizona here:

Your child may also be eligible for an Empowerment Scholarship Account. Learn more here: